In a groundbreaking development, the Africa Centre of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning (ACETEL) has recently undergone a significant upgrade to its seven laboratories, marking a pivotal moment in the advancement of digital solutions for education. ACETEL, has taken a bold step to align its facilities with world-class standards to ensure maximum quality and output in learning.

The upgraded laboratories  have been equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, designed to facilitate research, experimentation, and innovation in digital solutions for education. tailored to support the Centre’s mission of leveraging technology to enhance learning outcomes.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olufemi Peters’ approval of the lab upgrade underscores the university’s dedication to providing cutting-edge resources and infrastructure for research and development in the field of technology-enhanced learning.

The decision of the Director, ACETEL, Prof. Grace Jokthan, to upgrade the laboratories was met with enthusiasm and support from the Vice Chancellor of the National Open university of Nigeria (NOUN),  signifying a strong commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in educational technology.

The upgrade of the laboratories is designed to facilitate research and innovation in digital solutions for education. The enhancements include advanced computing systems, high-speed internet connectivity, interactive displays, and specialized software applications tailored to support the Center’s mission of leveraging technology to enhance learning outcome

Contractors from Plus 1 solution handling the I.T essential upgrade under Cisco Laboratory, Omni Data Global Services and Prime Touch ltd. took up the project, to put in place, the required equipments for the upgrade.

Some of the that were installed are; the digital audio recording system, multimedia systems, software application, high level computer systems to rive the recordings to a high quality and create data space.

Installations of computers needed for the users of the recordings, new multimedia mixer, sensor microphones, BX5 speakers for good quality digital output, AI background installation for AI video recording that can easily be changed during editing.

More installations that were done are the installation of the local area network, active devices (switches, routers, firewall, server) and configuration.

Labs that were upgraded are; The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab, Cyber Security Lab (CS), Management Information System (MIS) Lab, Virtual Reality (VR) Lab, IT Essential (Cisco) Lab, Basic Lab, and the Muti-Media Lab.

The enhanced laboratories will provide students with a dynamic environment to explore and implement innovative digital solutions that have the potential to revolutionize education on the continent.

ACETEL, is committed to improving access to high-quality education and research opportunities. The upgrade of its labs is a significant measure to ensure that the centre continues to deliver world-class research, particularly in the areas of science, technology, and innovation.

Loretta Edozie