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Vice-Chancellor National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) said honour should be given to his predecessor for deeming it fit to leave so many legacies in the university including the Africa Centre of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning (ACETEL).

Prof. Femi Peters was speaking when ACETEL organized a valedictory session in honour of the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdalla Uba Adamu at the Centre in Abuja.

Prof. Peters added that the office accommodation, facilities and the general working environment of ACETEL stand the Centre out from the rest of the university community as a world class learning Centre. “This is not my take, it is Prof. Abdalla’s take, so we should be careful to say that all earthly honour is due to this man (Abdalla Adamu) who has seen it fit to leave many legacies in the university. I’ve told him one but I’ll tell him another today which is this Centre; ACETEL.

“When I entered the Centre this morning, I thought I was not in the NOUN and I had to ask why is the Centre very different from the other university offices? Mr. Vice-Chancellor sir, this is the kind of legacy you’re leaving behind and is very pleasant to the eye”.

The VC added that he is already impressed with the activities of the Centre so far for undertaking already some of the things the university Faculties are planning on executing. “Some of the things you’re doing, are some of the things the university Faculties are actually planning on doing. I am really surprised to see that you’ve taken steps ahead of the Faculties despite the newness of the Centre”.

Prof. Peters enumerated further that ACETEL has attested to the fact that it is a trail blazer, a place that will really project the university at the same time providing the future direction for the university.

“I have no doubt in my mind and I’ve told prof. Jokthan that I am so happy that a Centre like this is established especially for us at the Faculty of Science. We will depend a lot on these facilities here”.

Earlier the outgoing VC, thanked the Centre director for her tenacity and insistence towards the realization of ACETEL dream. “When I came into this university, the university is data managed by external agencies and we said no! let us look inwards and see what we can do ourselves. Five years later, we have a Centre like this; managed by ourselves.

“At the beginning there were a lot of resistance, I took pride in saying we were doing it for excellence, because I want to leave this university better than I found it, and that was the mission. Some years later, here we are with a world class Centre; ACETEL completely and independently managed by us and not by any externalities telling us what to do. This I am very proud of.

“I am very proud of Prof. Jokthan for her tenacity and the way she keeps pushing me on and on, and you know when you kept on pushing, I will in turn push the bursar for financial release”.

The outgoing VC then pleaded with the Vice-Chancellor to please consider transforming ACETEL in the future into a full fledge Faculty of Software and Multimedia Technology. According to him, doing so will provide better leadership position in the country in that aspect.

Speaking also, Centre Director ACETEL, Prof. Grace Jokthan says the purpose of the valedictory session was to thank the outgoing VC for his contribution to the realization of the Centre and to use the medium in introducing the new Vice-chancellor to the Centre and its activities.